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All who love and serve your city

Erik Routley

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1 All who love and serve your city,
 All who bear its daily stress,
 All who cry for peace and justice,
 All who curse and all who bless,

2 In your day of loss and sorrow,
 In your day of helpless strife,
 Honor, peace, and love retreating,
 Seek the Lord, who is your life.

3 In your day of wealth and plenty,
 Wasted work and wasted play,
 Call to mind the word of Jesus,
 "Work ye yet while it is day."

4 For all days are days of judgment,
 And the Lord is waiting still,
 Drawing near to men who spurn him,
 Offering peace from Calvary's hill.

5 Risen Lord, shall yet the city
 Be the city of despair?
 Come today, our Judge, our Glory.
 Be its name “The Lord is there!"