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Arise, shine out! Your light has come

Brian Wren

Hymnary text authority (4 instances)
Not in The Cyber Hymnal™
© 1989 Hope Publishing Co.

1 Arise, shine out, your light has come,
  unfolding city of our dreams.
  On distant hills a glory gleams:
  the new creation has begun.

2 Above earth's valleys, thick with night,
  high on your walls the dawn appears,
  and history shall dry its tears,
  as nations march toward your light.

3 From walls surpassing time and space
  unnumbered gates, like open hands,
  shall gather gifts from all the lands
  and welcome all the human race.

4 The sounds of violence shall cease
  as dwellings of salvation rise
  to sparkle in eternal skies
  from avenues of praise and peace.

5 The dancing air shall glow with light,
  and sun and moon give up their place,
  when love shines out of every face,
  our good, our glory, and delight.