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All on the altar, dear Jesus

Baylus Benjamin McKinney

Hymnary text authority (5 instances)
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© 1936 Sunday School Board of the Southern Baptist Convention

1. All on the altar, dear Jesus,
Master, I hear Thy call;
Somewhere I know Thou canst us me,
I must surrender my all.
Refrain: My all for Thee, my all for Thee, Who gave Thine all, dear Lord, for me; Thy will divine, Henceforth is mine, To live for Thee, dear Savior, for Thee.
2. All on the altar, dear Jesus, Yielded am I to Thee; Take me and mold me and make me As Thou wouldst have me be. (Refrain) 3. All on the altar, dear Jesus, Only Thy will is mine; Let my lips tell the sweet story, Tell of Thy love divine. (Refrain) 4. All on the altar, dear Jesus. All at Thy feet I lay, Willing to toil and to suffer Throughout life's little day.


ALTAR [B. B. McKinney]

Provenance and use: US - Southern Baptist