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Awake and sing the song

William Hammond

Hymnary text authority (674 instances)
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1 Awake, and sing the song
  Of Moses and the Lamb;
  Wake every Heart and ev'ry Tongue,
  To praise the Saviour's Name.

2 Sing of his dying Love,
  Sing of his rising Pow'r,
  Sing how he intercedes above,
  For those whose sins he bore.

3 Sing till we feel our Hearts
  Ascending with our Tongues,
  Sing till the love of Sin departs,
  And grace inspires our Songs.

4 Sing on your Heav'nly Way,
  Ye ransom'd Sinners, sing;
  Sing on, rejoicing ev'ry Day
  In Christ th' eternal King.

5 Sing till you hear Christ say,
  Your Sins are all forgiv'n;
  Sing on rejoicing ev'ry day,
  Till we all meet in Heavn'n.

6 Soon shall ye hear Christ say,
  "Ye blessèd Children, come:"
  Soon will he call you hence away,
  And take his Wand'rers home.


ST. THOMAS (Williams)

LUTHER (Hastings)