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The current list, as of October 15, 2022, contains 771 items.

100 Favorite Hymns	Hymnary.org listing	2020
100 Heart Warming Sacred Favorites	Hymnary.org listing	1976
200 Scripture Songs You love to sing...	200Scrip	1976
400+ Christmas Carols Book: Sheet Music for Piano	4CCB2014	2014
A Choice Collection of Hymns, in which are some never before printed	ACCH1782	1782
A Choice Selection of Hymns and Spiritual Songs for the use of the Baptist Church and all lovers of song	CSHS1877	1877
A Classic Christmas Caroling Songbook	CCCS2016	2016
A Collection of Christmas Carols	ACCC2020	2020
A Collection of Psalm and Hymn Tunes, Chants, Anthems, and Sentences: original and selected, from the best standard composers	CPHT1851	1851
A New Hymnal for Colleges and Schools	ANewHCaS	1992
A New Now Youth Folk Hymnal	ANewNow	1971
A Second Cantica Sacra	ASCS2020	2020
A Selection of Plain Tunes, Set Pieces, and Anthems from Indian Melodies	SfIM2018	2018
A Singing Faith	ASF1987	1987
A Taste of Heaven's Joys	TASTE	2005
A Teaching Hymnal: ecumenical and evangelical	ATH2018	2018
Above the Moon Earth Rises: Hymn texts, anthems, and poems for a new creation	AMER2002	2002
Action Songs for Boys and Girls, Vol.2	ASBG1947	1947
Adoru kantante	Hymnary.org listing	1971
Adoru: ekumena diserva libro	Hymnary.org listing	2001
African American Heritage Hymnal	AAHH2001	2001
African Methodist Episcopal Church Hymnal	AMEC1984	2011
Agape: songs of hope and reconciliation	ASH2003	2003
AGO Founders Hymnal	AGOFH	2009
Al Dio sonu nova kant'!	Hymnary.org listing	1958
Al Smith's Choice Collection of Gospel Solos for Low Voice (Vol. 1)	LV11948	1948
Al Smith's Choice Collection of Gospel Solos for Low Voice (Vol. 2)	LV21948	1948
Al Smith's Choice Collection of Gospel Solos for Low Voice (Vol. 3)	LV31948	1948
Al Smith's Choice Collection of Gospel Solos for Low Voice (Vol. 4)	LV41948	1948
Al Smith's Choice Collection of Gospel Solos for Low Voice (Vol. 5)	LV51948	1948
Alabanza Cubana Para las Naciones	ALCU2010	2010
Albert E. Brumley's Olde Time Camp Meetin' Songs	OTCM1971	1971
Alexander's Gospel Songs	AGS1908	1908
Alexander's Hymns No. 2: Songs of Evangelism (Canadian Ed.)	AH2C1916	1916
Alexander's Male Choir	AMC1912	1912
All Loves Excelling: new tunes to familiar Charles Wesley texts	ALE2007	2007
All-American Church Hymnal	AACH1957	1957
Alleluia Aotearoa: Hymns and Songs for All Churches	AA1993	1999
Ambassador Hymnal: for Lutheran worship	AH1994	1994
American Baptist Hymnal	ABH1960	1960
American Catholic Hymnbook	ACHB1992	1992
American Harmony: inspired choral miniatures from New England, Appalachia, the Mid-Atlantic, the South, and the Midwest	AH2017	2017
American Hymns Old and New	AHON1980	1980
American Student Hymnal	ASH1928	1928
An American Christmas Harp	AACH2009	2009
An Eclectic Harmony: A Collection of Four-Shape Tunes Old and New, in a great variety of Styles and Metres from sources additional to the Denson Revisions of The Sacred Harp submitted for the Spiritua	EclectH	1999
An Eclectic Harmony. II	EH22001	2001
Ancient and Modern: hymns and songs for refreshing worship	AM2013	2013
Anglican Hymns Old and New (Rev. and Enl.)	HON2008	2008
Annotations upon Popular Hymns	Anno1893	1893
Anthem Songs	AS2021	2021
Assembly Songs	AS1948	1948
At the Lighting of the Lamps: Hymns of the Ancient Church	AtLotL	1997
Baptist Church Hymnal (Revised)	BCHR1933	1933
Baptist Hymnal (1975 ed)	BH1975	1975
Baptist Hymnal 1991	BH1991	1991
Baptist Hymnal 2008	BH2008	2008
Baptist Praise and Worship (Words Ed.)	BPWW1991	1991
BDSA's "Own" Song Book	BDSAsOSB	
Beams of Heaven: hymns of Charles Albert Tindley	BOH2006	2006
Beginner and Primary Songs: for use in Sunday School and the Home	BPSS1915	1915
Believers Hymn Book	BHB2008	2008
Beloved Beer and Hymns: A Hymnal for the Thirsty	BBaH2012	2012
Better Than Pearls: sacred songs expressly adapted for gospel meetings	BTP1881	1881
beyond a dream	beyondad	1974
Bible Songs on Timeless Themes	BSTT1991	1991
Bible Truth Hymns	BTH2008	2008
Billy Graham Crusade Songs 1960	BGCS1960	1960
Blessed Assurance: Hymns of Fanny J. Crosby	BA2008	2008
Blessed Assurance: the gospel hymns of Fanny J. Crosby	BA2013	2013
Book of Sacred Song	BOSS1977	1977
Booth-Cliborn Victory Songs (4th ed.)	VSN4BC	
Borning Cry, Second Edition, Volume I	Bornin2I	2000
Borrowed Light: Hymn texts, prayers, and poems	BL1994	1994
Boundless Love	BL1949	1949
Bread of Life Scripture Songs	BLSS1979	1979
Bring Many Names	BringMNs	1989
Cáliz de Bendiciones: himnario Discipulos de Cristo	CdB1996	1996
Calvary Melodies Book One	CalvryM1	1963
Caneuon Ffydd: Hen Nodiant	CFHN2001	2001
Cáng ciō séng sĭ	CCSS1907	1907
Cantate Domino: An Ecumenical Hymn Book	CD1980	1980
Cantate Domino: World's Student Christian Federation Hymnal	CD1951	1951
Cantica Sanctorum: a collection of psalms, hymns, and spiritual songs; For the worship and glory of God, And the edification of His saints.	CS2016	2016
Canticle, the Franciscan University Hymnal	CFUH2006	2006
Cantiques chrétiens à l'usage des assemblées religieuses	CCUAR831	2018
Cantos de Alabanza y Adoración (Edición Letra)	CdAA2002	2002
Cantos del Pueblo de Dios = Songs of the People of God (2nd ed.)	CPD2001	2001
Cantus Christi	CC2002	2002
Carmina Sacra: or, Boston Collection of Church Music: comprising the most popular psalm and hymn tunes in eternal use together with a great variety of new tunes, chants, sentences, motetts...	CSBC1841	1841
Carol Our Christmas: A Book of New Zealand Carols	COC1996	1996
Carols for Choirs 1: Fifty Christmas Carols	CarolfC1	1961
Carols for Choirs 2: Fifty Carols for Christmas and Advent	CarolfC2	1970
Catholic Community Hymnal	CCH1999	
Celebrating Grace Hymnal	CGH2010	2010
Chalice Hymnal	CH1995	1995
Chalice Praise	CP2001	2001
Chautauqua Hymnal and Liturgy	CHL1903	1903
Cherokee Hymn Book compiled from several authors and revised - ᏣᎳᎩ ᏗᎧᏃᎩᏍᏗ (tsalagi dikanogisdi)	CHB1896	1896
Children's Praise No. 1	CP11905	1905
Choice Light and Life Songs	CLLS1950	1950
Choice Songs for Youth No. 1	ChoiceSY	1957
Christ Our Hope	COH2004	2004
Christian Endeavor Edition of Gospel Hymns No. 6: Canadian ed. (words only)	CEEG1891	1891
Christian Hymnal (Rev. ed.)	CHCH1959	1959
Christian Hymnal Selections: compiled for general use in evangelistic services	ESCH1962	1962
Christian Hymnways	CH1939	1939
Christian Science Hymnal	CSH1909	1909
Christian Science Hymnal (Rev. and enl.)	CSH1932	1937
Christian Science Hymnal Supplement: hymns 430-462	CSHS2008	2008
Christian Science Hymnal: Hymns 430-603	CSH2017	2017
Christian Service Songs	CSS1939	1939
Christian Worship (1993): a Lutheran hymnal	CWLH1993	1993
Christian Worship: a hymnal	CW1941	1941
Christian Youth Hymnal	CYH1948	1948
Christmas Carol Songbook	CCS2011	2011
Christmas Carols and Hymns: for school and choir	CCH1910	1910
Christmas Carols and Songs for Singing	CCSSGBOD	
Christmas Carols New and Old (First Series)	CCNO1870	1870
Christmas Customs and Carols	CCANDC	1941
Christmas Favorites	CmFv2000	2000
Christmas in Song: A Treasury of Traditional Songs, Favorite Hymns, and Choice Carols, from All Ages and from Many Lands, Selected for Your Singing Christmas	CmiS1947	1947
Church Hymnal	CH1951	1951
Church Hymnal and Sunday School Songs: combined, interdenominational	CHaSSSCI	1920
Church Hymnal, Mennonite: a collection of hymns and sacred songs suitable for use in public worship, worship in the home, and all general occasions (1st ed. ) [with Deutscher Anhang]	CHMC1927	1927
Church Hymns and Gospel Songs: for use in church services, prayer meetings, and other religious services	CHGS1898	1898
Clarsach Shioin: The Highland Hymnal	CSHH1886	1886
Classic Hymns	CH2017	2017
Columbian Harmony; or a choice collection of Psalm Tunes, Hymns, and Anthems, in three parts;...	ColH1825	1825
Come Away with Me	CAWM	1998
Come Sing a Song with Me: A Songbook for All Ages	CSSM2009	2009
Common Praise (1998)	CP1998	1998
Community of Christ Sings	CoCS2013	2013
Complete Anglican Hymns Old and New	CAH2000	2000
Country & Western Gospel Hymnal Volume One	CandWGH1	1972
Credo Hymnal	CH2014	2014
Cree Syllabic Hymn Book	CSHB1954	1954
Cross Generation	CG2009	2009
Crowning Glory No. 1: a choice collection of gospel hymns	CG1888	1890
Crusader Hymns	CH1966	1966
Dakota Odowan: Dakota hymns 	DakO1911	1911
Dare to Run Songbook: 51 Contemporary Songs	DTR1989	1989
Deluxe 200 Christmas Song Book	D200CSB	1980
¡Despertad y cantad!	Dyc1984	1984
Devotional Hymns	DH1935	1935
Devotional Hymns	DH1957	1957
Diadems: a collection of religious songs, new and old, for the church and Sunday school	D1913	1913
Diservoj: Ekumena Diserva Libro Prov-eldono 2-a kajero	EDL2Ds	1997
Ecumenical Praise	EP1977	1977
El Himnario	EH1998	1998
El Himnario: Selecciones	EH2006	2006
Emanuel's Praise: a choice collection of gospel songs suitable for the church, Sunday School, revival, convention and all religious gatherings 	EP1912	1912
Esperanta Himnaro	ESPHIMN	1985
Espero Internacia	ESPINTND	1924
Espero Katolika, Numero 1-3/2009 (Kantoj post Adoru)	EK132009	2009
Evangel Songs	EvaS1931	1931
Evangelia Kantaro	EvaK1952	1952
Evangelical Lutheran Hymnary	ELH1996	1996
Evangelical Lutheran Worship	ELW2006	2006
Evangelisches Gesangbuch	EG1993	1993
Evangelisches Kirchen-Gesangbuch	EKG1951	1951
Exalt Him! Songs for Celebration & Praise: プレイズ & ワーシップ ソングブック	ExaltHim	1989
Faith Forever Singing: New Zealand Hymns & Songs for a New Day	FFS2000	2000
Faith That Lets Us Sing: fifty new hymns and short worship songs 	FTLS2017	2017
Favorite Hymns of Praise	FHOP	1967
Favorite Songs and Hymns for School and Home	FSHS1899	1899
Field Service Book	FieldSB	1932
Fill Us With Your Love: and other hymns from Africa	FWYL1983	1983
First Baptist Favorites	FBF1997	1997
First Supplement to the Hymnal (1956)	FS2h1956	1974
Folk Celebration	FolkCele	1974
Folk Encounter: the now hymnal	FETNH73	1973
For the Living of These Days	FtLoTD	1995
Fresh Laurels for the Sabbath School, A new and extensive collection of music and hymns. Prepared expressly for the Sabbath Schools, Etc.	FL1867	1867
Full Redemption Songs	FRS1933	1933
Gather	G1988	1988
Gather (2nd ed.)	G21994	1994
Gather (4th ed.)	G42021	2021
Gather Comprehensive	GC1994	1994
Gather Comprehensive, Second Edition	GC2	2004
Gesangbuch der Evangelisch-Methodistischen Kirche	GEmK2009	2009
Get All Excited: TRUTH Sings Bill Gaither	GetAETru	1973
Getty Kids Hymnal: family hymn sing	FHSG2018	2018
Glad Tidings in Song	GTS1920	1920
Gloria in Excelsis	GE1933	1933
Glorious Gospel Hymns	GGH1931	1931
Glory and Praise: parish music program	GnP1984	1984
Glory to God (Music ed.)	GtG1994	1994
Glory to God: hymns and songs for Advent and Christmas	GGAC2017	2017
Glory to God: the Presbyterian Hymnal	GG2013	2013
Glory: songs of praise and worship	GSPW1993	1993
Golden Gospel Bells	GGB1916	1916
Good News in Song	GNS1942	1942
Gospel Hymn Book	GHB2009	2009
Gospel Hymnal	GH1950	1950
Gospel Hymnal Volume II	GHV21979	1979
Gospel Hymns and Sacred Songs: as used by them in gospel meetings	GHSS1875	1875
Gospel Hymns Nos. 1 to 6	Gospl1-6	1894
Gospel Song-Gems No.1	GS11901	1901
Graduale Romanum	GR1974	1974
Great Gospel Songs and Hymns	GGSH1976	1976
Great Revival Hymns No. 2	GRH21913	1913
Great Songs of the Church (Revised)	GSC1986	1986
Great Songs of the Church: number two	GSC1962	1962
Great Songs of the Church. number two: a treasury of six hundred sacred songs suitable for all services of the church	GSC1937	1937
Halle Halle: We Sing the World Round	HHWSW	1999
Happy Day	HD1888	1888
Harmony Hymns	GOHH1942	1942
Harvest Hymns: Singable Gospel Songs	HH1924	1924
Healing Waters	HW1948vi	1952
Heavenly Highway Hymns: shape notes	HvnlyHwy	1956
Heavenly Voices	HV1918	1918
Help us to Help Each Other: Hymns for Life and Ministry with the Poor	HelpHEO	2010
Here We Go A Caroling: The Complete Christmas Carollers Resource	HWGC2009	2009
High Desert Harmony	HDH2004	2004
Himnario	HIRJ1964	1964
Himnario Bautista	HB1978	1978
Himnario Metodista	HM1955	1955
Himnaro Esperanta, 4-a eld.	Himn1954	1954
Himnaro Esperanta, 5-a eld.	Himn1966	1966
Himnaro: Unua Kolekto	HIMNARO1	
Himnos de Gloria	HdG1921	1921
Himnos de Gloria	HdG1949	1949
Himnos de Gloria: Cantos de Triunfo	HdG_CdT	1970
Himnos de la Iglesia	HDLI1995	1995
Himnos de la Vida Cristiana	HdVC1967	1967
Himnos de Vida y Luz	HVL1990	1990
His Fullness Songs	HFS1977	1977
His Praise	HP1916	1916
Hope is our Song: New hymns and songs from Aotearoa New Zealand	HioS2009	2009
Hosanna in the Highest, Gypsy Smith's Campaign Song Book	HHGS1923	1923
Hymn and Tune Book, for the Church and the Home	HTBC1871	1868
Hymnal and Liturgies of the Moravian Church	HLMC1969	1969
Hymnal and Order of Service: for churches and Sunday-schools	HOoS1901	1901
Hymnal for Catholic Students	HfCS1988	1988
Hymnal for Church and Home	HCH11927	1927
Hymnal for the Hours	HftH1989	1989
Hymnal of the Church of God	HCG1953	1953
Hymnal Supplement 1991	HS1991	1991
Hymnal Supplement 98	HS1998	1998
Hymnal Supplement II	HymnSup2	1987
Hymnal: A Worship Book	HAWB1992	1992
Hymnbook for Christian Worship	H4CW1970	1970
Hymns	WLJI1966	1966
Hymns (The hymnal of the Inter-Varsity Christian Fellowship)	HIVC1947	1947
Hymns Ancient and Modern, New Standard Edition	AMNS	1983
Hymns and Psalms: a Methodist and ecumenical hymn book	HAP1983	1983
Hymns and Songs for Church Schools	HSCS1962	1962
Hymns and Songs of Praise for Public and Social Worship	HSPP1874	1874
Hymns and Songs of the Spirit	HymnsSoS	1966
Hymns for a Modern Reformation	HfMR2000	2000
Hymns for a Pilgrim People: a congregational hymnal	HPP2007	2007
Hymns for Creative Living	H4CL1935	1935
Hymns for Creatures Great and Small	HCGS1997	1997
Hymns for Junior Worship	H4JW1940	1940
Hymns for Praise and Worship	HfPW1984	1984
Hymns for Signing (American Sign Language)	HfS1995	1995
Hymns for the Family of God	HFFG1976	1976
Hymns for the Gospels	HftG2001	2001
Hymns for the Living Church	HFLC1974	1974
Hymns for the Spiritual Journey: New Hymns and New Words to Familiar Hymn Tunes	HSJ1992	1992
Hymns for Today's Church	HFTC1982	1982
Hymns for Worship	H4W1939	1939
Hymns for Worship	HfW1987	1987
Hymns for Worship (Supplement)	HfWS2007	2007
Hymns from the Four Winds: a collection of Asian American hymns	HFW1983	1983
Hymns In The Vineyard	HITV1999	1999
Hymns of Faith	HoF1964	1964
Hymns of Faith	HHOF1980	1980
Hymns of Faith and Life	HoFL1976	1976
Hymns of Glorious Praise	HoGP1969	1969
Hymns of Glory No. 2	HoG21914	1914
Hymns of Glory, Songs of Praise	HGSP2008	2008
Hymns of Grace	HoG2015	2015
Hymns of Grace and Truth. 2nd ed.	HGT21904	1904
Hymns of Praise: for the Church and Sunday School	HPCS1922	1922
Hymns of Promise: a large print songbook	HOP2015	2015
Hymns of the Christian Life	HCL1891	1891
Hymns of the Christian Life	HoCL1928	1929
Hymns of the Christian Life	HoCL1936	1936
Hymns of the Christian Life: 1991 New International Version edition	HCL1992	1992
Hymns of the Church	HotC2011	2011
Hymns of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints	LDS1985	1985
Hymns of the Living Faith	HLF1951	1951
Hymns of the Old Camp Ground: Old Time Gospel Songs with Words, Music & History	HOCG2008	2008
Hymns of the Saints: Reorganized Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints	HotS1982	1982
Hymns of the Spirit for Use in the Free Churches of America	HSUF1937	1937
Hymns of Truth & Light	HTL1998	1998
Hymns of Truth and Praise	HTP1971	1971
Hymns to the Living God	HTLG2017	2017
Hymns We Love	HWL1935	1935
Hymns We Love. No. 3: arranged for men	HWL32005	2005
Hymns, etc. composed on various subjects	HCVS1759	1759
Hymns: The Hymnal of Inter-Varsity Christian Fellowship	HIVC1952	1952
In Spirit and In Truth: a worship hymnal	ISIT1987	1987
Inclusive Songs for Resistance and Social Action	ISRS2018	2018
Indian Melodies	IndM2017	1845
Inspiring Hymns	IH1951	1951
Inspiring Hymns: for the Church and Sunday-School	IH1914	1914
Introit Hymns for the Church Year	IHCY2005	2005
Jack Wyrtzen's Word of Life Songs	WoLS1957	1957
Jasper and Gold: A choice collection of song-gems for Sunday-Schools, social meetings, and times of refreshing	JG1877	1877
Jehovah's Praise	JP1928	1928
Journeysongs (2nd ed.)	JS2003	2003
Joyful Sounds: The New Children's Hymnal	JSNC1977	1977
Jubilant Praise: for young people's societies, Sunday Schools, and Church Prayer Meetings	JP1909	1909
Jubilant Voices for Sunday Schools and Devotional Meetings	JVSS1905	1905
Jubilate : A Modern Sunday-School Hymnal	J1917	1917
Junior Hymnal	JH1964	1964
Junior Hymns and Songs: for use in Church School, Sunday Session, Week Day Session, Vacation Session, Junior Societies (Judson Ed.)	JHSJ1927	1927
Kantoj el Taizé: Ekumena Preĝ- kaj Kantaro Prov-eldono 1-a kajero	EDL1KeT	1996
Kantu al la Eternulo	KalE1986	1986
Kantu: Kristanaj kaj nereligiaj kantoj en Esperanto	KANT2017	2017
Ki̱jndá‑lá Na̱'ín‑ná ‑ Cantemos al Señor (Segunda edición)	Kijnda_2	2013
Lasting Hymns No. 2	LH21906	1906
Laudes Domini: a selection of spiritual songs ancient and modern	LD1884	1884
Lead Me, Guide Me (2nd ed.)	LMGM2012	2012
Leben und Loben: Neue Lieder für die Gemeinde	LuL1989	1989
Let's just Praise the Lord (Music Edition)	LJPMaadi	1978
Let's Sing	LetsSing	1960
Liber Cantualis	LC2015	2015
Liberala Himnaro	LibH1948	1948
Lift Every Voice and Sing II: an African American hymnal	LEVS1993	1993
Lift Up Your Hearts: psalms, hymns, and spiritual songs	LUYH2013	2013
Light and Life Songs No. 3	LLS31918	1918
Lillenas' Solos and Duets No. 1	LSD11931	1931
Little Book of Favorite Hymns: designed as a supplement for the Primitive Baptist Hymn and Tune Book	LBFH1993	1993
Little Way Hymns No. 2	LWH22021	2021
Living Hymns	LH1988	1988
Living Hymns: psalms, hymns, and spiritual songs of the faith	LH2019	2019
Living Hymns: the small hymnal: a book of worship and praise for the developing life	LH1923	1923
Living Praise Hymnal	LPH1974	1974
Living Way Hymnal	LW1978	1978
Lone Favorites: Our Favorite Songs	LF1946	1946
Look and Live Songs	LLS1945	1945
Look Up	LookUp	1998
Los Salmos en rima española	LSRE2021	2021
Love's Messengers	LM1904	1904
Low Voice Treasury: 101 Contemporary and Time-Honored Favorites	LVT1982	1982
Lutheran Book of Worship	LBoW1978	1978
Lutheran Worship	LW1982	1982
Majesty Hymns	MajH1997	1997
Make Christ King: a selection of high class gospel music for use in general worship and special evangelistic meetings	MCK1912	1912
Making Melody	MM1969	1969
Matu Christian Hymnal	HymnWCBC	2008
Mawl a chân = praise and song : llyfr hymnau a thonau i Gymru ar Wasgar = hymnal for Welsh and English church worship / crynhoad pwyllgor Eglwys Gymraeg, Detroit, Michigan	MAC1952	1952
Melodies of Praise	MoP1957	1957
Melodious Accord Hymnal	MelodAcc	2010
Mennonite Brethren Church Hymnal	MBCH1953	1953
Mil Voces para Celebrar: Himnario Metodista	MVC1996	1996
Mir Vam!: sbornik gimnov Rossiiskoi Ob"edinennoi Metodistskoi Tserkve (Peace be with You: collection of hymns for the Russian United Methodist Church)	MV2002	2002
Miracle Melodies: Gospel Solos and Duets of Merit	MM1953	1953
Moravian Book of Worship	Mor1995	1995
More Voices	SVU2007	2007
Mountainbrook Melodies	MM1956	1956
My First Hymnal	MFH2011	2011
My Little Hymnal	MLH1993	1993
Na Himeni Haipule Hawaii	NHHH1972	1972
New Anti-Saloon Songs: A Collection of Temperance and Moral Reform Songs	NASS1905	1905
New Catholic Hymnal	NCH1971	1972
New English Praise: a supplement to the New English Hymnal	NEP2006	2006
New Hymns for the Lectionary: To Glorify the Maker's Name	NHL1996	1996
New Onward and Upward	NOU1909	1909
New Perfect Praise: for Sunday-Schools, Singing-Schools, Revivals, Conventions and General Use in Christian Work and Worship.	NPPS1920	1920
New Songs for Service	NS4S1929	1929
New Songs of Inspiration: number ten, gospel psalms, sacred hymns, scripture readings for the home, churches, revivals, conventions, choirs and crusades	NewSoI10	1977
New Songs of Inspiration. Number eleven	NHoI1994	1994
New Songs of Rejoicing	NSoR1994	1994
New Songs, 5th ed.	NEWS1988	1988
New Soul Winning Songs	NSWS1926	1926
New Wine In Old Wineskins: a contemporary congregational song supplement (Vol. 1)	NWOW2007	2007
Ni vivu laŭeble plej bele	NV1985	1985
North American Hymnal (2nd ed.)	NAH1960	1960
Northern Harmony: Plain Tunes, Fuging Tunes and Anthems from the Early and Contemporary New England Singing Traditions	NoHa1998	1998
Now Sings My Soul	NSMS2017	2017
Nyimbo za Imani Yetu	NzIY2003	2003
Oberlin Harmony	OH2002	2002
Ocean Melodies, and Seamen's Companion: a collection of hymns and music; for the use of Bethels, Chaplains of the Navy and private devotion of Mariners	OMSC1849	1849
Old Fashioned Revival Hour Songs	OF1R1950	1950
Old-Line Primitive Baptist Hymn and Tune Book	OLPBHTB	2016
Oliver's "Songs of Deliverance"	OSoD1908	1908
One Faith, Una Voz	OFUV2005	2005
One in Faith	OIF2014	2015
One Lord, One Faith, One Baptism: an African American ecumenical hymnal	OLOF2018	2018
Onward!	Onwa2016	2016
Oramos Cantando = We Pray In Song	OC2013	2013
Ordo de Diservo	OdDs1907	1907
Original Sacred Harp Denson Revision 1987 Standard Melodies	OSH1987	1987
Our Growing Years: a hymnal	OGY1998	1998
Our Hymns of Praise (Rev. ed.)	OHOP1996	1996
Oxford Book of Carols	OBC1928	1928
Pathen Koehna Laabu	PathenKL	
Pennsylvania Christian Endeavor Songs: Sing and smile and pray "For Christ and the Church"	PennaCES	0
Pentecostal Hymns No. 1	PH11894	1894
People's Mass Book	PMB2003	2003
Pilgrim Hymnal	PH1958	1958
Pilgrim Songs (Number Two)	PS21902	1902
Pilot Hymns	PH1934	1934
Popular Hymns Revised	PHR1885	1885
Praise	Praise78	1978
Praise and Worship Songbook 3	PWS31989	1989
Praise and Worship: hymnal	PWH1978	1978
Praise Chorus Book (Expanded 2nd Edition)	PraiseX2	1990
Praise Divine	PD1917	1917
Praise Evangel for Sunday Schools	PESS1919	1919
Praise Him	PH_Hicks	1912
Praise y Adoración: a bilingual hymnal : un himnario bilingüe	PyA2016	2016
Praise! Our Songs and Hymns	POSH1979	1979
Praises for Children	P4C1970	1970
Praises III	PIII1991	1991
Praises We Sing (2nd ed.)	PWS2015	2015
Prayer Rising into Song: Fifty New and Revised Hymns	PRIS2016	2016
Premier Hymns	PH1926	1926
Primitive Baptist Hymn and Tune Book	PBHT1918	2016
Primitive Baptist hymn book for all lovers of sacred song (4th ed.)	PBH18874	1887
Psalm Hymns (Vol. 1 Psalms 1-50)	PHV12021	2021
Psalms, Hymns and Spiritual Songs	PHSS1992	1992
Psalms, Hymns, and Spiritual Songs	PHSS2012	2012
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Psalter Hymnal (Gray)	PsH	1987
Psalter Hymnal (Red)	PsH1934	1934
Psalter: dedicated to the singing of Scriptures in the congregation (4th ed. rev.)	Psal1972	1972
Pure Delight	PD1883	1883
Pure songs for Sunday-schools	PSSS1889	1889
Reasons to Sing	RTOS1971	1971
Redemption Hymnal	RH2006	2015
Redemption Songs: 1000 Hymns and Choruses for Evangelistic Meetings Solo-Singers Choirs and the Home	RS1900RB	
Rejoice Hymns	RH2011	2011
Rejoice in God: the K. Lee Scott Hymnary	RIGS2000	2000
Rejoice in the Lord	RITL1985	1985
Rejoice: The Free Will Baptist hymn book	RTFW1995	1995
Renew! Songs and Hymns for Blended Worship	RN1995	1995
Revival Choir	RC1946	1946
Revival Solos	RS1946	1946
Richard Maxwell's Favorite "Hymns You Love"	RMFHYL	1946
Richard Maxwell's Songs of Cheer and Comfort	RMSC1938	1938
RitualSong: a hymnal and service book for Roman Catholics	RS1996	1996
Rock of Ages A Worship and Songbook for Retirement Living	RoA2002	2002
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Rodeheaver's Gospel Songs for church, Sunday Schools and evangelistic services	RGS1922	1922
Sacred Poems and Hymns	MSPH	1854
Sacred Selections for the Church: a collection of sacred selections featuring choice favorites old and new (57th ed)	SS4C1956	1990
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Sainteté à l'Éternel!	SalE2005	2005
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Salvation Songs for Children, Number One	SSC11939	1939
Sankta Nikolao en Nederlando	StNikNed	0
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Santo, Santo, Santo: cantos para el pueblo de Dios = Holy, Holy, Holy: songs for the people of God	SSS2019	2019
Second Supplement to the Hymnal (1956)	SS2H1956	1976
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Select Songs of Praise for Evangelistic Services, Church and Sunday School	SSPE1924	1924
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Set Free: a collection of African hymns	SF1993	1993
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[Sgaw Karen Baptist Hymnal, 1963]	SKBH1963	1963
Shaping Sanctuary: proclaiming God's grace in an inclusive church	SS2000	2000
Shepherd Songs	SS2002	2002
Shin Buddhist Service Book	SBSB1994	1994
Shinseika [新聖歌]	SHSK2001	2001
Sing 'n' Celebrate	SingCel1	1971
Sing 'n' Celebrate II	SingCel2	1975
Sing and Rejoice!: new hymns for congregations	SAR1979	1979
Sing Joyfully	SJ1989	1989
Sing Justice! Do Justice!	SJ	1998
Sing My Heart	SingMyHt	1962
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Sing Praises to Jehovah	SPtJ1984	1984
Sing the Faith	STF	2003
Sing to the Lord: Hymnal	SttL1993	1993
Sing with Ralph and Bea (Includes Many Favorites of the Radio Program "That They Might See")	SwRandB	1959
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Songs of Praise	SoP1925	1925
Songs of Praise	SoP1935	1935
Songs of Praise	SoP1953	1953
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Songs of Worship	SoWSotH	
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Songs: an electric lyric collection of more than 580 songs for most situations	SONGS580	1978
Songs: The Tune Book	SongT535	1978
Sonntagsschul-Gesangbuch der Reformirten Kirche in den Vereinigten Staaten	SGR1876	1876
Soul Songs and Sonnets	SSaS1909	1909
Soul-Stirring Songs and Hymns	SSSH1972	1972
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Spurgeon's Own Hymn Book	SOHB2019	2019
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Swn y Jiwbili	SYJ1970	1970
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Tabernacle Hymns: Number Four: a choice collection of hymns and songs for every religious use	TH41952	1960
Tabernacle Hymns: Number Three	TH31931	1931
Tears and Triumphs No. 3	TT31902	1902
Tero kaj Ĉielo Kantu	TkCK1993	1993
Tero kaj Ĉielo Kantu Partoj I II III	TkCK1995	1995
Tero kaj Ĉielo Kantu Partoj IV V VI	TkCK1996	1996
Tero kaj Ĉielo Kantu Partoj VII VIII IX X	TkCK1998	1998
test hymnal for Haruo	harutest	2012
Thánh Ca	Thanh_Ca	1983
Thánh Ca Dân Chúa	TCDC2008	2008
The "Connexion" and Jeremiah Ingalls Society Bicentennial Edition, 1805-2005 of The Christian Harmony, Or, Songster's Companion	CH2005	2005
The 21st Century Hymnal	21CH2001	2001
The A. M. E. Zion Hymnal	AMEZ1957	1957
The A.M.E. Zion Hymnal: official hymnal of the African Methodist Episcopal Zion Church	AMEZ1996	1999
The Adoremus Hymnal	Ador1998	1998
The Alfred Burt Christmas Carols Song Album	ABCC	2000
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The American Hymnal for English Speaking People Everywhere	AHES1933	1933
The B-Side Christmas Singer	BSCS2020	2020
The Baptist Hymnal, for Use in the Church and Home	BHUC1883	1883
The Baptist Hymnal: for use in the church and home	BHUC2012	2012
The Baptist Standard Hymnal: with responsive readings: a new book for all services	BSHR1924	1924
The Bay Psalm Book	TBPB2011	2011
The Beacon Song and Service book	BSS1935	1935
The Believers Hymn Book with Music	BHBM2011	2011
The Bible Hymnal	TBH2013	2013
The Bible School Hymnal	BSH1907	1907
The Big Book of Hymns: 125 Favorite Hymns	TBBOHnd	
The Big-Note Hymn Book	BNHB2008	2008
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The Book of Common Praise: being the Hymn Book of the Church of England in Canada. Annotated edition	BCPH1909	1909
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The Book of Hymns (A fresh anthology of favourite hymns)	TBoH2006	2006
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The Book of Praise	BoP1918	1918
The Book of Praise	TBP1997	1997
The Book of Psalms for Worship	BPfW2010	2010
The Brethren Hymnal: A Collection of Psalms, Hymns and Spiritual Songs suited for Song Service in Christian Worship, for Church Service, Social Meetings and Sunday Schools	TBH1901	1901
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The Celebration Hymnal: songs and hymns for worship	CEL1997	1997
The Chancel Choir No.2	CC21961	1961
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The Christian Harmony: in the Seven-Syllable Character Note System.    Rev. ed.	CHSS1873	1873
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The Christian Life Hymnal	CLH2006	2006
The Christian Minstrel: a New System of Musical Notations; with a Collectionof Psalm Tunes, Anthems, & Chants ... 104th ed.	CMNS1858	1858
The Christian Praise Hymnal	TCPH1992	1992
The Christmas Carolers' Book in Song and Story	TCCB1935	1935
The Christmas Caroling Songbook	TCCS2002	2002
The Christmas Caroling Songbook, 2nd Edition	TCCS2006	2006
The Church Hymnal: the official hymnal of the Seventh-Day Adventist Church	CHSD1941	1941
The Church School Hymnal for Youth	CSHY1928	1928
The Cokesbury Worship Hymnal	CWH1938	1938
The Collegeville Hymnal	Colv1990	1990
The Colored Sacred Harp, Third Revised edition	CSH1992	1992
The Complete Celebration Hymnal	TCCH1984	1984
The Complete Celebration Hymnal: with New songs of celebration	TCCH1990	1990
The Concordia Hymnal: a Hymnal for Church, School and Home. Rev.     1st word ed.	CHHC1933	1933
The Contemporary Hymn Book	ContemHB	1971
The Covenant Hymnal: a worshipbook	CHWB1996	1996
The Cyber Hymnal	CYBER	
The Devotional Harmonist	DH1849	1849
The Door Is Open: Hymns and Tunes for Today's Church	TDIO2002	2002
The Dulcimer Hymn Book	TDHB1979	1979
The Endeavor Hymnal: for Young People's Societies, Sunday Schools and Church Prayer Meetings	EHYP1901	1901
The Epworth Hymnal: containing standard hymns of the Church, songs for the Sunday-School, songs for social services, songs for the home circle, songs for special occasions	EHCS1885	1885
The Evangelical Hymnal	EH1921	1921
The F. E. L. Hymnal (Rev. ed.)	FELH1969	
The Faith We Sing	FWS	2001
The Family Book of Favorite Hymns	FBFH1950	1950
The Family Hymnal: for the worship of God	TFH2012	2012
The Georgian Harmony: a collection of hymns and fuging tunes in the shape-note tradition (2nd ed.)	TGH2012	2012
The Good Old Songs: a choice collection of the good old hymns and tunes as they were sung by our fathers and mothers: the cream of the old music: selections suitable for class practice...	GOS1914	1914
The Gospel Choir No. 2	GC21895	1895
The Greenwood Harmony (2nd ed.)	GrHa2016	2016
The Harmonia Sacra: a compilation of genuine church music : comprising a great variety of metres, harmonized for four voices : together with a copious explication of the principles ...(25th ed.)	HSAC1993	1993
The Harmonia Sacra: a compilation of genuine church music comprising a great variety of meters  (Legacy ed.)	HS2010	2010
The Harmonist: being a collection of tunes from the most approved authors: adapted to every variety of metre in the Methodist Hymn-book (New ed., rev. and greatly enl.)	TH1837	1837
The Harvard University Hymn Book	HUHB1964	1964
The History of Hymn Singing as told through One hundred & One famous hymns	CIFH	1982
The Hymn Book of the Anglican Church of Canada and the United Church of Canada	HBAC1971	1971
The Hymnal	HPAG1933	1950
The Hymnal	H1956	1956
The Hymnal 1982: according to the use of the Episcopal Church	EH1982	1985
The Hymnal and Order of Service	HOoS1926	1926
The Hymnal for Worship and Celebration	HWC1986	1986
The Hymnal of the Christian Methodist Episcopal Church	HCME2000	2000
The Hymnal of the Evangelical Mission Covenant Church of America	HEMC1950	1950
The Hymnal of the Protestant Episcopal Church in the United States of America 1940	HPEC1940	1940
The Hymnal of the United Church of Christ	HUCC1974	1974
The Hymnal, 1940: with supplements I and II: according to the use of The Episcopal Church	H1940wSs	1961
The Hymnal: Army and Navy	ANH1942	1942
The Hymnal: as authorized and approved for use by the General Convention of the Protestant Episcopal Church in the United States of America in the year of our Lord mcmxvi	EH1916tx	1920
The Hymnary of the United Church of Canada	UCC1930	1930
The Hymnbook	H1955	1955
The Hymns Collection	THC2019	2019
The Illuminated Hymnal	TIH2020	2020
The Illustrated Family Hymn Book	IFHB1980	1980
The Inn of God's Forgiveness and Other Hymns for the Progressive Church	TIGF2014	2014
The International Book of Christmas Carols	IBCC1963	1963
The Invalid's Hymn-book	TIHb1866	1866
The Kids Hymnal	TKH2007	2007
The King's Highway No. 2	KH21925	1925
The Liturgical Harp: a tunebook that brings together shapenote ensembles and church choirs	LitH2013	2013
The Lutheran Hymnal	LH1941	1941
The Mennonite Hymnal	MH1969	1969
The Methodist Hymn-Book with Tunes	Meth1933	1933
The Methodist Hymnal: official hymnal of the Methodist Church	MH1939	1939
The Methodist Hymnal: official hymnal of the Methodist Church	MHOH1966	1966
The Mission Hymnal: facing a task unfinished	TMH2016	2016
The Missouri Harmony or a choice collection of psalm tunes, hymns, and anthems	MHOC2005	2005
The Modern Hymnal	MH1926	1926
The National Baptist Hymn Book: a collection of old meter songs (Worded ed.)	NBHB06WE	1906
The New Baptist Praise Book: or, Hymns of the Centuries	NBPB1914	1914
The New Broadman Hymnal	NBH1977	1977
The New Century Hymnal	NCH1995	1995
The New Church Hymnal	NCH1937	1937
The New Church Hymnal	NCH1976	1976
The New English Hymnal	NEH1985	1986
The New Evangel	NE1911	1911
The New Harp of Columbia, Restored Edition	NHoC2001	2001
The New Hymnal for American Youth	NHAC1930	1930
The New National Baptist Hymnal	NNBH1977	1977
The New National Baptist Hymnal (21st Century Edition)	NNBH2001	2001
The New Oxford Book of Carols	NOBC1994	1994
The Norumbega Harmony: historic and contemporary hymn tunes and anthems from the New England singing school tradition	NH2003	2003
The Oxford Book of Carols	OBC1964	1964
The Pilgrim Hymnal	PH1935	1935
The Pilgrim Hymnal: with responsive readings and other aids to worship	PHRR1912	1912
The Plainsong Psalter	PsPs1988	1988
The Pocket Harmony	TPH22021	2021
The Popular Hymnal	PH1918	1918
The Presbyterian Hymnal: hymns, psalms, and spiritual songs	PH1990	1990
The Primary and Junior Hymnal	PJH1917	1909
The Primary Sunday School Hymnal	PSSH1902	1902
The Psalmist's Harp	TPS2019	2019
The Psalms and Hymns, with the Catechism, Confession of Faith, and Liturgy, of the Reformed Dutch Church in North America	PHCC1847	1839
The Psalter for Christian Worship	PfCW1999	1999
The Psalter: Psalms and Canticles for Singing	Psaltr93	1993
The Revised Edition of the St. Gregory Hymnal and Catholic Choir Book, Complete Edition	SGHC1940	1940
The Sacred Harp: Revised Cooper Edition	SH2012	2012
The Sacred Harp: the best collection of sacred songs, hymns, odes, and anthems ever offered the singing public for general use (1991 rev.)	SH1991	1991
The Sacred Harp.	SH2007	2007
The Saint Michael Hymnal: A Congregational Missal and Hymnal for the Celebration of Sung Mass in the Roman Rite	TSMH2003	2003
The Scottish Psalmody (Staff ed.)	TSPS2020	2013
The Service Hymnal: Compiled for general use in all religious services of the Church, School and Home	SHGU1935	1935
The Shenandoah Harmony: A collection of shape-note tunes, ancient and modern, for singing groups large or small	ShHa2012	2012
The Shorter New Oxford Book of Carols	ShNOxBkC	1993
The Silver Trumpet: for revivals, Sunday schools, conventions and general use in religious work and worship	ST1908	1908
The Singing Church	TSC1985	1985
The Social Harp	SH1855	1973
The Song Book of the Salvation Army	SBSA1953	1953
The Sound of Welcome	TSoW1998	1998
The Southern Harmony, and Musical Companion…	SouH1835	1835
The Spirituals of Harry T. Burleigh	TSoHTB	1984
The Star of Bethlehem: a collection of church-tunes, anthems, choruses and glees	SOB2013	2013
The Students' Hymnal: hymns of praise, with selections from scripture for reading and chanting	SH1889a	1889
The Summit Choirbook	SUMMITCB	1983
The Sunday Morning Hymnal	SMH2003	2003
The Traveler's Hymnal	TTH2011	2011
The Triumph	TT1869	1869
The United Methodist Hymnal	UMH	1989
The Voice of Praise No. 2: a complete collection of Scriptural, gospel, Sunday-school and praise service songs	VP2C1908	1908
The Voice of Thanksgiving No. 3	VoT31921	1921
The Westminster Hymnal, New and revised edition	TWH1952	1952
The Willard Hymnary	TWH2012	2012
The Willcutt's Sunrise Devotional Hymns	WSDH1940	
The Worshipbook: Services and Hymns	WSH1972	1972
The Worshiping Church	TWC	1990
The Yes of the Heart	YotH1993	1993
The Young People's Church of the Air Hymn Book	YPCA1932	1932
Thuma Mina: International Ecumenical Hymnbook	TM1995	1995
Timeless: ancient Psalms for the church today	TAP2011	2011
Total Praise: songs and other worship resources for every generation	ToPr2011	2011
Treasure Songs of the Gospel	TreasuSG	1939
Treasury of Psalms and Hymns: Revised	TPHr2022	2022
Trinity Hymnal (Rev. ed.)	TH1990	1990
Trinity Psalter Hymnal	TPH2018	2018
Triumphant Service Songs	TSS1934	1934
Triumphant Songs No.5	TS51896	1896
Tsese-Ma'heone-Nemeotȯtse (Cheyenne Spiritual Songs)	TseseMN	1982
TTT-Himnaro Cigneta	THCFinal	
Ukulele Hymns	UkuleleH	
Uncommon Christmas Carols	UncommCC	1941
Union Hymnal	UH1932	1932
Union Hymns. Rev.	UHR1845	1845
Unity Song Selections	USS1937	1937
Upper Room Worshipbook Music and Liturgies for Spiritual Formation	URWb2006	2008
Utility Edition of Triumphant Service Songs	TSS_UE	1934
Vatican II Hymnal	VIIH1974	1974
Venite Exultemus	VeniteEx	1964
Voices	V2020	2020
Voices Found	VF2003	2003
Voices of Victory	VoV1913	1913
Voices Together	VT2020	2020
Voices United: The Hymn and Worship Book of The United Church of Canada	VU1996	1996
Voices: Native American hymns and worship resources	VOICES92	1992
Wally Fowler and the Oak Ridge Quartet present Church and Radio Songs	WFORQCRS	
We Turn to God	WeTurn2G	2010
Welsh and English Hymns and Anthems (Reformatted)	WaEHaA_R	1995
Wesley Hymns	WH1982	1982
Wings Of Song	WOS1984	1984
With One Voice	WOV	1995
Wonder, Love, and Praise: a supplement to the Hymnal 1982	WLP1997	1997
World Renowned Hymns	WRH1909	1909
World Revival Hymns	WRH1939	1939
World-Wide Hosannas	WWH1904	1904
Worship (3rd ed.)	WHSB1986	1986
Worship (4th ed.)	WORS2011	2011
Worship and Rejoice	WAR2003	2003
Worship and Service Hymnal: For Church, School, and Home	WASH1957	2006
Worship and Song	WnS2011	2011
Worship Him, We Have Come Into This House To	WorshipH	1983
Worship His Majesty	WHM1987	1987
Worship II, a Hymnal for Roman Catholic Parishes	WIIH1975	1975
Worship in Song: A Friends Hymnal	WinS1996	1996
Worship in Song: Nazarene Hymnal	WinS1972	1972
Worship Songs: ancient & modern	WSAM1992	1992
Worship Supplement	WSCW1969	1969
Worship the Lord: Hymnal of the Church of God	WtL1989	1989
Worship Together	WT1995	1995
Yes, Lord!: Church of God in Christ hymnal	YL1982	1982
Young People's Songs of Praise	YPSP1902	1902
Youth Favorites: Gospel Songs and Choruses	YouthFav	1963
Zion still Sings	ZSS2007	2007
Zion's Harp: a collection of hymns and songs for the Apostolic Christian Church of America	ZH2000	2003
Zion's Praises	ZP1987	1987
Песенник : Песнь возрождения (Pesennik : Pesn' vozrozhdeniya) (Songbook: Song of Rebirth)	PPV1991	1991
Русско-американский сборник: Гимны Христиан - Russian-American Hymnal: Christian Hymns	RAHCH94	1994
ကီရ်ပိှသီ [The Church Hymnal With Notes Sagaw Kayin]	TCH2014K	2014
시편찬송가 (The Book of Psalms for Singing)	TBSS2002	2002
찬송과 예배 = Chansong gwa yebae = Come, Let Us Worship: the Korean-English Presbyterian hymnal and service book	CLW2001	2001
こども さんびか [Kodomo Sanbika]	KSBK1966	1966
聖歌 [Seika]	SeikaS33	1958
聖詩 (shèng shī) Hymnody	HySS1972	1972
讃美歌 (Sanbika)	SBKA1931	1931
讃美歌 (Sanbika)	SBKA1954	1954
讃美歌 / 讃美歌第二編 (Sanbika/Sanbika Dainihen)	SBK21974	1974
讃美歌 21 (Sanbika 21)	SBK21	1995