Evergreen Hymn Sing #7: Hymns of the Sea

This is a central page for information on Evergreen Hymn Sing #7, Hymns of the Sea. The Hymn Sing is being planned for July, 2022, at Fremont Baptist Church. It will commemorate Fremont Baptist's longtime organist and music director, Verne M. Eke, on the tenth anniversary of his death.

Hymns of the Sea will be the sixth Evergreen Hymn Sing held at Fremont Baptist Church. We invite people who enjoy singing hymns, both old favorites and ones they've never met before, so join us in singing a variety of hymns, psalms, and spiritual songs that have as a common denominator the sea or the ocean. They may focus on the sea of life, or the Sea of Galilee, on the ocean of God's boundless love or the catching of fish to eat, on Noah or on Jonah... the number of ways God, large bodies of water, and congregational song can be brought together are almost as innumerable as the sands on the beaches bordering the seas in question.