Hymns of the Sea

Here is the most recent list, dated March 27:

    Music from Down to the Sea in Ships (organ prelude)

  1. The Seaman's Prayer (Come, all you brave Seamen to the hymn tune PROSPECT)
  2. The Old Ship of Zion (spiritual)
  3. Jesus, Savior, pilot me (to the hymn tune Pilot)
  4. God the Lord a King remaineth (verses 1,3,4, to the hymn tune Regent Square)
  5. The mercy of God is an ocean divine
  6. When winds are raging o'er the upper ocean
  7. {{YOUR TURN}}

  8. As I sat on a sunny bank
  9. See, amid the fearful breakers
  10. Light in the darkness, Sailor
  11. As the waters rise around us (to the hymn tune Bryn Calfaria)
  12. Dark the night / 캄캄한 밤 (to the hymn tune Bai)
  13. Breakers ahead
  14. {{YOUR TURN}}

  15. Some talk of Boston whalers
  16. The ribs and terror in the whale
  17. Nearer My God to Thee (vv. 1,2,5, to the hymn tune Propior Deo)
  18. Noah found grace in the eyes of the Lord
  19. Like Noah's weary dove
  20. O Lord above, send down a dove
  21. {{YOUR TURN}}

  22.   224 Save, Lord, or We Perish (224 in Denson Sacred Harp)
  23.   When marshall'd on the raging main (114 in An American Christmas Harp)
  24.   Old Indian Hymn (63 in Indian Melodies)
  25.   Jonah (a recent composition)
  26.   They that in ships with courage bold (66 in Wyeth's Repository)
  27.   410T The Dying Californian (410T Denson Sacred Harp)
  28.   388 The Happy Sailor (388 Denson Sacred Harp)

  29. Come then, let's have breakfast

    Refreshment break (including fish)

  30. Ship Ahoy!
  31. Star of the wide and pathless sea
  32. Fiddler's green
  33. Master, the Tempest Is Raging
  34. Will your anchor hold?
  35. My Anchor Holds
  36. {{YOUR TURN}}

  37. I'll Sail Away
  38. God of the sea, thine awful voice
  39. We are on the deep
  40. Like a ship that's toss'd and driven
  41. When the storms of life are raging
  42. We're sailing, sailing over life's great sea
  43. Eternal Father, Strong to Save